Spliffin – Dante’s Fire 86.06% THC (1 gram INDICA)


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Dante’s Fire brings the heat. This robust indica-dominant hybrid delivers unmatched potency and long-lasting effects.

Named after the Dante, the eldest brother of enigmatic cannabis activist Alexis Montez, this super potent varietal is powerfully euphoric and cloaked in mystique. Its true origins remain unknown. According to accounts from Amsterdam breeders, the strain originated from clandestine Soviet experimentation.

Sometime in the 1940’s, its seeds were trafficked out of a Siberian gulag, only to be propagated and backcrossed with unidentified trichome’d phenotypes. This prized hybrid traces from heirloom Pakistani indica genetics crossed with the world famous Chitral landrace. The resulting full bodied and voluptuous varietal sizzles with citrus intensity, pine and spicey overtones.

Flavors: pine sap, deep citrus, sandalwood, pepper

Effect: euphoric, sedating, creative, balanced body-high

Ideal for treating: stress, pain, insomnia, migraines

Author: lerster