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State license : C9-00000238


Because some of our members are home bound due to illness or other reasons and must rely on cannabis for medicinal use, Smile House marijuana delivery service strives to bring those members the highest quality of medicinal cannabis and service right to them.

SmileHouse marijuana delivery service always puts the patient’s needs 1st. Our collective was formed for the mutual benefit of it’s patient members and articles of incorporation are on file at the Secretary of the State of California in 2015. We operated as a true collective, following the California Attorney General Guidelines (2008) and Cal Health & Safety Code 11362.775. Now we operate under the Prop 64 laws and guidelines for Adult Recreational use and Medical wellness use.

Smile House marijuana delivery service assists cannabis patients who are anywhere in the San Francisco Peninsula.

Using member feedback, Smile House marijuana delivery service continues to develop information that helps to provide the cannabis that has the best therapeutic benefit for a specific illness or symptom like nausea, cancer, AIDS, etc. Safe Use Orientation is offered to patients who may not be familiar with strain selection, dosages and methods of ingestion.

*To order for ADULT recreational use you must be over 21 with a valid ID

*To order for MEDICAL use you must be 18 and over and have a current Physician’s recommendation from the State of California for the use of cannabis. We verify all recommendations before providing services to members.

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